We have moved all our programs online during the COVID-19 Outbreak.

Programs such as our Community Meetings and ABI Info Series are available to watch here, listed in chronological order.

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PIA Fall Webinar Series

Thank you to our 2021 Corporate Platinum Sponsor PIA Law


PIA Fall Webinar Series #1: I’ve Hired a Personal Injury Lawyer – Now What?

Speaker: Brian Cameron of Oatley Vigmond

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

PIA Fall Webinar Series #2: I’ve Hired a Personal Injury Lawyer – Now What?

Speaker: Brandon Pedersen of McLeish Orlando

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

August Community Meeting 

TOPIC: Get Answers to your Legal Questions

Speaker: Eric Joffe, Lawyer at Neinstein Personal Injury Lawyers & BIST Board Member

Introduction to Mindfulness

Speaker: Nur Baayoun, BIST Summer Placement Student

August 10, 2021

Neuroplasticity, Physiotherapy and Brain Injury Treatment

Speaker: Kyle Whaley, Physiotherapist and Executive Director of Propel Physiotherapy

July 27, 2021

Virtual Expressive Art Show Launch 

June 2, 2021

March Community Meeting (Re-scheduled to May 5)

TOPIC: Neurofeedback and Coping Strategies During the Pandemic

Speaker: Annette Bradshaw, Registered Psychotherapist

PIA Spring Webinar Series

Thank you to our 2021 Corporate Platinum Sponsor PIA Law


#1: Navigating Capacity Issues from Hospital to Settlement

Speakers: Stacey Stevens and Adam Karakolis of Thomson Rogers

#2: Invisible Injuries: How to Help Your Lawyer

Speakers: Nick Todorovic and William Harding of McLeish Orlando

2021 ABI Info Series

Presented by our 2021 Corporate Platinum Sponsor PIA Law

Session #1: Acceptance Following Brain Injury 

Speakers: Dr. Bojana Budisin, Neuropsychologist & Hailey Steyaert, Masters in Counselling Psychology Student

Introduction: Matthew Sutton, Thomson Rogers

Session #2: Community Resources & Services

Speaker: Laura Bellon, BIST Community Connections Coordinator

Introduction: Lara Fitzgerald-Husek of Oatley Vigmond, LLP

Session #3: Physical Rehabilitation Following a Brain Injury

Speakers: Physiotherapists, Hoong Phan & Kyle Whaley

Introduction: Lindsay Charles, McLeish Orlando

Session #4: Implementation of Compensatory Strategies after a Brain Injury

Speakers: Neuropsychologist Dr. Carolyn Lemsky

Introduction: Robert Ben, Thompson Rogers

Session #5: How Medications can be used in the Treatment of Patients with Brain Injury

Speakers: Neuropsychiatrist Dr. Chanth Seyone

Introduction: Troy Lehman, Oatley Vigmond LLP

Instructional Video Series Webinar

Speaker: Jasmine Sihra

Thank you to TakingITGlobal, the Government of Canada, and Canada Service Corps for generously supporting this project. Do you have a simple project idea to support your community? TakingITGlobal is looking to support youth who are inspired with ideas and ready to take action through their youth-led community service grants. Apply for a #RisingYouth grant today at www.risingyouth.ca!

January 2021 Community Meeting:  NEW Programs for the NEW Year

Speakers: BIST Staff and Board

Laura Bellon, Madison Chong, Shawayne Folkes, Melissa Forrest, Erik Joffe, Dr. Carolyn Lemsky, Meri Perra, Isabelle Rivaletto and Melissa Vigar

2020 Persistent Concussion Series

Persistent Concussion Series # 1 – November 2, 2020

TOPIC: Concussions 101

Speaker: Shawn Gargoum, Board Certified Chiropractor

Persistent Concussion Series #2 – November 9, 2020

TOPIC: Self Advocacy and Self Care

Speaker: Colleen Worsley, Registered Social Worker and Case Manager

Get the slides from this presentation, HERE

Persistent Concussion Series #3 – November 16, 2020

TOPIC: Physical Activity and Concussion 

Speaker: Shawn Gargoum, Board Certified Chiropractor

Persistent Concussion Series #4 – November 23, 2020

TOPIC: Pacing, Planing & Managing Fatigue 

Speaker: Ayushi Dhingra, Occupational Therapist

November Community Meeting: Brain Injury Speaks Network 

Speaker: Gazal Kukreja, Stakeholder Engagement Coordinator at the Ontario Brain Injury Association (OBIA)

Special Guest: Steve Gregory of After ABI Rehab discusses his latest book, ‘The Journey Continues’

Making Technology Accessible – September 23, 2020


Speakers: Ryan Natale, BIST Programs Coordinator & Melissa Vigar, BIST Executive Director

August Community Meeting – August 26, 2020

TOPIC: Violence and Brain Injury

Speaker: Isabelle Rivaletto, BIST Violence Impact Coordinator

PIA Summer Webinar Series – Session #3 – August 25, 2020

TOPIC: Brain Injury the Pandemic Inside a Pandemic 

Speakers: David MacDonald, Stacey Stevens, Matthew Sutton, Dr. Joanna Hamilton & Leigh Craney, Keith Lindsay

Download a copy of Thomson Roger’s COVID-19 Survival Kit, described in the video, HERE.

Download a Transcript of our Webinar, HERE.

PIA Summer Webinar Series – Session #2 – August 18, 2020

TOPIC: Get the Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Personal Injury Law Questions

Speakers: Lindsay Charles & Nick Todorovic, Lawyers at McLeish Orlando

PIA Summer Webinar Series – Session #1 – August 11, 2020

TOPIC: Keeping the Train on Track: Legal Representation During a Pandemic

Speaker: Laura Bassett, Lawyer at Oatley Vigmond

Download slides from this presentation, HERE.

Community Meeting – June 24, 2020

TOPIC: What is PoNS Treatment™- Using the Tongue as a Superhighway to the Brain

Speakers: Dr. Harry Kovelman, Vice-President, Medical Affairs at Helius Medical Technologies Inc., Alicia Baertsoen, Media and Public Relations Strategist at Helius Medical Technologies Inc, Beth Foster, Former PoNS™ Patient, Advantage 4 Athlete

The Anatomy of a Basic Will – May 13, 2020

Read the Slides from this Presentation, HERE

If you would like to use the services of our presenter, Daniel Goldgut, you can get a 20% discount. This means a will would cost about $125 and a will and Power of Attorney would cost about $160. Enter Code BIST20 at: https://www.epiloguewills.com


Community Meeting – May 27, 2020

TOPIC: Mindfulness for Dealing with COVID-19 

Speaker: Dr. Linda MacDonald.

Surviving and Thriving in a Pandemic – May 6, 2020

Speaker: Dr. Stuart Phillips, Director of the Physical Activity Centre of Excellence (PACE) at McMaster University

Get the slides from Dr. Phillips’ presentation, HERE.

Community Meeting – April 29, 2020

TOPIC: Activities to Keep You Engaged during COVID-19 and Beyond

Speakers: BIST Programs Coordinator Ryan Natale & BIST Violence Impact Coordinator Isabelle Rivaletto.

Read the Blog Article, HERE.

Online Yoga Session # 3 – April 20, 2020

With Osteopath Marinella Nesso, special guest appearance by Stacey Stevents of PIA Law, BIST’s Corporate Platinum Sponsor.

Online Yoga – Session 2 – April 20, 2020

With Osteopath Marinella Nesso, special guest appearance by Harrison Cooper of PIA Law, BIST’s Corporate Platinum Sponsor.

Online Yoga – Session 1 – Chair Yoga – April 13, 2020

With Osteopath Marinella Nesso

Fraud and Financial Abuse Prevention – with COVID-19 Updates – April 1, 2020 

Speakers: BIST Executive Director Melissa Vigar & Director of ACCESSolve Jeff Chartier

ABI Info Series – March 30, 2020

TOPIC: Compensatory Strategies during Social Isolation

Speakers: Speech Language Therapist Simone Friedman & Occupational Therapist Natalie Kalymon  

Community Meeting – March 25, 2020

TOPIC: How to Cope with Anxiety around COVID-19

Speakers: Jenn Bowler, Michelle Diamond, Dr. Carolyn Lemsky & Melissa Vigar

Read the Blog Article, HERE.

ABI Info Series – March 23, 2020

TOPIC: Community and Government Resources

Speaker: BIST Transitional Support Coordinator, Laura Bellon

Webinar with Kenneth Pope, LLB, TEP – February 19, 2020

BIST executive director Melissa Vigar and transitional support coordinator Laura Bellon in a webinar about Financial Assistance Programs.