We currently offer a Hybrid of IN-PERSON and ONLINE programs.

BIST provides programs and services to people living with the effects of brain injury and their families / caregivers.

After joining BIST our PROGRAMS are free and do not have a wait list.

Our Case Coordinators are largely supported by Supervised Social Work Students. People wishing to access these services may be placed on a wait list. We make every attempt to offer assistance in a timely manner.

Read our overview of BIST Support Supports, Services and Members Rights and Responsibilities, HERE.

Read our Accessibility Statement for our IN PERSON Programs, HERE.



BIST has two staff who provide case coordination services for people living with the effects of brain injury and other cognitive impairments.

Case coordination is for people who need assistance in securing housing, financial, medical and/or community support.

Community Coordinator: Lloyd Connell | [email protected] | 647-271-7858

Community Coordinator – Violence Impact Program:  Keisha Appiah – Kubi | [email protected] | (437) 241-6751


A functional support initiative for people living with brain injury who are involved with the criminal justice system. Find out more, HERE.


Every June, during Brain Injury Awareness Month, BIST organizes awareness events and a social media campaign dedicated to raising awareness about ABI – a condition more prevalent than MS, Breast Cancer and HIV/AIDS – combined. Find out more, HERE.



Family and Friends Drop In – for people who care about someone who lives with brain injury

Freaky Fridays

Men & Brain Injury Social Drop-In

Not So Blue Mondays


BIST provides FREE annual workshops and weekly series programs (special programming which run for a limited number of consecutive weeks) for ABI caregivers and ABI survivors.


BIST aims to make our programs inclusive and a positive experience for all participants. Our gender-specific programs are open to adults 18 and over of all ages, ethnic backgrounds, gender and queer identities. This is inclusive of people within the trans communities. For example, trans women are welcome to our Women’s Support Group. Trans men are welcome to attend our Men’s Social Drop-In. People who identify as non-binary are welcome to attend groups of their choice.

Please contact our programs coordinator with any questions: [email protected] OR 647-990-1485.

Weekly Calendar


Not So Blue Mondays – EVERY MONDAY, 1-2:30 PM – ONLINE
No Programs on Holiday Mondays


1st & 3rd Tuesday of the Month – ABI Survivor Support Group

  • 1st Tuesday – ONLNE
  • 3rd Tuesday – IN PERSON


First Wednesday of the Month – Family and Friends Drop In – for people who care about someone who lives with brain injury

Last Wednesday of the Month – Community Meeting – ONLINE (WINTER 2023)


1st & 3rd Thursday of the Month; 6:30 – 8 PM – Women’s Support Group

  • 1st Thursday – IN PERSON
  • 3rd Thursday – ONLINE

2nd & 3rd Thursday of the Month; 6:30 – 8 PM –  Men’s Social Drop-In 

  • 2nd Thursday – ONLINE
  • 3rd Thursday – IN PERSON


1st Friday of the Month – Community Outings – IN PERSON

2nd Friday of the Month – Freaky Fridays – ONLINE

3rd Friday of the Month – Freaky Fridays – IN PERSON

4th Friday of the Month – Freaky Fridays – ONLINE

5th Friday of the Month (if applicable) – Freaky Fridays – IN PERSON

BIST has helped me grow as a person.  Over the years, I have become a peer mentor, and I have helped others deal with their ABI and recover. I always loved ‘things’ before my accident, but I was taught by BIST to appreciate the littlest things in life. I do that now with all my heart. 

– Glenn, BIST Volunteer & Member

BIST has made a big difference for my social well-being. I was at home all the time feeling depressed, and that was not who I was. Now I’ve been given hope to get close to being myself again. I know now there is a society among BIST members I can talk to. I never have to feel alone as long as BIST is open to me.

 – Joan,  BIST Member

brain injury can happen to anyone