Each year in Ontario an estimated 18,000 people sustain a brain injury.  The direct and indirect costs associated with traumatic brain injury are estimated at $1 billion in Ontario annually.

The consequences of brain injury affect not only the individual — it affects family members, friends and the community.  The effects of brain injury may impact:

  • self-esteem
  • social relationships
  • employment status
  • school/work performance

Possible Effects of Brain Injury

Different parts of the brain control different bodily and mental functions. How an injury to the brain affects an individual will depend on what part(s) of the brain is injured. With an injury to the brain, any combination of the following can happen:

Physical Effects

A brain injury can result in:

  • headache
  • sensory problems (changes in or loss of vision, hearing)
  • tiredness
  • difficulty sleeping
  • poor coordination/balance
  • weakness/paralysis on one side of the body
  • dizziness
Mental/Cognitive Effects

Individuals may have problems with:

  • attention, concentration
  • short term memory
  • speech/language
  • problem solving
  • learning
  • organizing and starting tasks
Behavioural/Emotional Effects

Individuals may display signs of:

  • irritability
  • withdrawal/depression
  • impulsivity
  • poor social judgment
  • decreased motivation
  • personality change