Laura Bellon

Chief Executive Officer | | 647-748-0847

Laura Bellon has been providing services for individuals with Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) since 2002 in both the public sector and private sector. She has passionately helped individuals with multiple physical, cognitive, and psychological needs navigate the healthcare system and rehabilitation world.

She comes to BIST with a background in Sociology and Education, with certificates in crisis supports, errorless learning and occupational health and safety. Her experience with individuals in the community and within residential programs in the Greater Toronto Area, has helped those living with the effects of an ABI work toward their goals to lead healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives.

You can find Laura by her contagious laugh. She enjoys watching theatre plays and listening to music.

Meri Perra

Communications and Programs Manager | | 416-407-6634

Meri Perra has several years of experience connecting people to resources, through her former position at Find Help Information Services. She has a diploma in journalism, has worked as a contributor and assistant editor for an online parenting magazine and held a position as a news and sports editor for a digital media company before coming to BIST.

Meri lives in a Housing Cooperative in Toronto with her wife and two teenage kids. If you have had a meeting Zoom with her, you have also likely gotten to know her two dogs, who make special appearances at every single online meeting she attends. Every one.

Meri enjoys cycling during the warmer seasons and cross country skiing in the winter. She always wears a helmet.

Madison Chong

Programs Coordinator | | 437-421-4032

Madison is a passionate individual who is dedicated to supporting those living with the effects of Acquired Brain Injury. She provides exceptional administrative assistance and program support to ensure all BIST Members and Stakeholders receive quality service and support. Madison is certified in Mental Health First Aid and holds a certificate background in Fundraising. She is a lover of tea, yoga, and podcast listening.

Alex Brazen

Programs Assistant |

Alexander holds a BA and B.Ed, in education as a person with lived experience of ABI. He is compassionate and determined to advocate for all persons with invisible disabilities and brain injury. Alexander presented to the Toronto police MCIT unit numerous times, educating proper intervention training in helping persons with disabilities and mental health. He also provided his own patent soothing tool tactile kit for frontline workers to use while aiding persons in emotional distress. Alexander is honored to be part of the compassionate Justice committee so he can further continue his educational training to those who can gain from it.

Neha Mistry

Case Coordinator | | (437) 349 7815

Neha has a HBsc in Neuroscience and Mental Health as well as a Graduate Certificate in Addictions and Mental Health. She has experience working with individuals both locally as well as overseas with groups dedicated to helping individuals with physical and mental disabilities navigate day to day life. She is honored to be working with individuals with an ABI within BIST providing advocacy, support, and connection to resources. She has a strong understanding of brain growth and function, especially after an injury as well as the type of support and assistance an individual would need. Neha is eager to help individuals from all walks of life and has pursued this position with hopes of putting her experience and knowledge to use.

Neha loves new experiences, being creative through art and writing, reading, being cozy, and video games.

Isabelle Rivaletto

WRAP Group Facilitator |

Isabelle has been working in the field of Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) since 2014. Isabelle has worked in the community and supported individuals with medical appointments, community referrals and one to one support.

Isabelle comes to BIST with backgrounds in Psychology and Journalism and with a certificate in WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Planning) Facilitation. Her experience working in the community with individuals suffering from ABI has assisted her creating positive community partnerships and networks to assist individuals living with ABI to meet their goals, live healthier lives and be able to better access specialized services within their communities and obtain support.

When Isabelle is not working she can usually be found listening to music, attending live shows or playing drums. Isabelle can also be found looking for any opportunity to hang out with dogs or pet dogs.