Learn practical tips & tools on legal representation during the Pandemic and how COVID-19 has impacted supports for people living with the effects of brain injury in a 3-Part Webinar Series presented by our Corporate Platinum Sponsor PIA Law.

Session # 1

Keeping the Train on Track: Legal Representation During a Pandemic

August 11th at 3 PM – Register, HERE

Presenter: Laura Bassett, Lawyer at Oatley Vigmond  

  • Use of virtual platforms and remote working
  • Communicating with clients
  • Obtaining records and facilitating medical examinations
  • Accident benefits, treatment teams and insurers
  • EDs, Mediations
  • Court house – motions, pre-trials, trials, etc.

Session # 2

August 18th at 3 PM, Register, HERE.

Presenter: Patrick Brown, Lawyer at McLeish Orlando


Session # 3

Brain Injury:  The Pandemic Inside a Pandemic

August 25th at 3 PM, Register, HERE.

Presenter:  David MacDonald, Lawyer at Thomson Rogers


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