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This page is an opportunity for you to find incredible works of art, jewellery and other creations made by our talented BIST Community.

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Original designs on masks, t-shirts, sweatshirts and more.
Art Fit To Wear

Art Fit To Wear brings digital photography and imagery into the material world. Shireen Jeejeebhoy creates visual art, playing with new designs, when she’s not writing novels and advocating for brain injury treatments that restore people to their lives.

Website:  https://artofwhere.com/artists/art-fit-to-wear

At the age of 17 Ashley Tindall was in a life threatening motor vehicle accident and was airlifted to Toronto SickKids Hospital.

The Way I See Things brings the reader through each stage of the journey of a mother Brenda Tindall and her daughter Ashley, a patient and caregiver as they painstakingly endure the most challenging time of their lives.

Website:  http://www.ashleyandbrendatindall.ca/

Comfort Headbands

Comfortable and Comforting, Comfort Headbands are wide-wired headbands designed to disguise hair loss and stay secure without causing tightness, pressure or headaches. Inspired by my own experience with hair loss after my hemorrhagic stroke and two life-saving brain surgeries. While you heal, they will become your most effortless and flattering accessory.

Facebook: Comfort Headbands

Instagram: Comfort Headbands

YouTube: My Disordered Brain – YouTube Channel documenting the artist’s recovery

Art became a CAN in a world of CANNOT’s. When life is filled with things you can no longer do, you need to find something YOU can do.
Each art piece is significant, as it has helped me to redevelop lost skills, as well as work through trauma. Find out more at www.CynCarsonArt.com
Untitled design (3)

American Sign Language (ASL) instruction from a College Certified American Sign Language and Deaf Studies instructor, Diallo Oronde N. Barrow.

Website: https://discoversignlanguage.wordpress.com/

My art exploration came from my desire to release beauty in the world. I am using words, various  materials, treads and nature elements to connect the dots of the emerging whispers inside of me.
DM artist for sales inquiries.
Times of Perseverance Book
Times of Perseverance: Hope and Healing on the Battlefields of Life is a phenomenological narrative chronicling a Jewish man’s tenacious survival from personal and family Traumatic Brain Injury, while capturing a transparent glimpse into the soul of a wounded man.

Healing crystal bracelets for brain injury awareness! Partial proceeds go to charities supporting Brain Injury Survivors.

Etsy Shop: https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/HaliteCo

Instagram: @halite_brain_beads

After struggling with OCD for years and honing self-care techniques to manage her symptoms, Janis Hodgson suddenly faced an even greater challenge. Diagnosed with a rare brain disorder called Moyamoya, she found a new path, living each day with faith, resilience, and gratitude.Now Janis is sharing her remarkable story to inspire and comfort those in the depths of their own hardships. Her wisdom and unique perspective on life are a testament to how we may find the most extraordinary beauty and peace in overcoming our darkest moments.

Knittingforyou was founded in Winter 2021 in Toronto, amidst the Pandemic. What was once a hobby, turned into a small business. The products on this website are all handmade with love in Toronto, Canada. These products are carefully handcrafted by either crocheting, knitting, or custom made designing and sewing.

A journal created out of what helped me overcome my negativity and become motivated again while adjusting to life with a Chiari Brain Malformation.  Build resilience, optimism, motivation, empowerment and confidence with this hand-drawn, full colour, awe-inspiring, undated, top quality bullet-style journal!

Website: https://lalalifeinc.com

Lindsi Hollend is a fine art photographer living in Toronto. Lindsi has a unique perspective of the everyday moments and objects in the world, be it the allure of nature or the magnitude of the space that surrounds her.

Website: https://www.lindsibeth.com

Eating Healthy Made Easy
Written by a tea loving foodie who loves experimenting with recipes. Amna has developed over 30 recipes that are easy to make, and range from entrees for lunch and dinner, crafty breakfast meal ideas, delivious sides and mouth watering desserts. Recipes are gluten free and dairy free.
Cost: $25
Order by email: Craftsbyams@gmail.com.
Salama Andamy

Abstract Artist, photography, & Expressive Art.

DM artist for sales inquiries.

Abstract Artist: @andanyart

Photographer: @milkenportraits

Taches a Accomplir Book

Written in French and English, this book of poetry features selections written during the most painful moments of the author’s life. The book is geared to readers who can be inspired by the author’s words of sorrow and pain in order to move towards a better life.