Learn about community resources to support people living with the effects of brain injury:

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Community-based Organizations and Programs, HERE

Concussion Resources, including online Resources, HERE

Brain Injury Associations & Neurological Organizations, HERE

Learn how to use technology to save information and access services:

How to use Google Drive to Save Important Information

In this video, we show you how to save important information, including medical or legal documents, on Google Drive. This prevents you from losing important information, and also makes it immediately accessible when you need it.

How to Use Google Drive on Your Phone

In this video we show you how to set up a Google Drive account on your phone so you can save and easily access important documents, such as medical information, as long as you have your phone and a WiFi connection or data available. This is a great way for anyone – but especially people with cognitive impairments such as brain injury – to keep track of important documents.

Learn how to Use FaceTime to make Video Calls on your iPhone

How to Use Zoom on Your Phone for Webinars and Online Meetings – When You Have an Account

BIST uses Zoom technology for our online programs. Find out how to access these and other online meetings and webinars on your phone.

How to Use Zoom on a Laptop