We understand online webinars can be cognitively exhausting for many people, especially those living with brain injury. Please feel free to take a break from the session whenever you need to. Feel free to re-join the session at any time, if you wish. Do not feel obligated to attend the full session if it doesn’t suit your needs.

BIST uses the Zoom Platform for our online programming.

If this is your first time using ZOOM, you will need to download it, HERE.

Get instructions how to download Zoom, HERE. You can also contact BIST at 416-830-1485 OR info@bist.ca if you have any questions OR watch the video below.

Before attending a group, please read about our Online Privacy Guidelines, HERE

Security Concerns?

BIST uses the Healthcare Plan on Zoom, which is HIPAA compliant. In addition we are undertaking the following measures to increase security:

BIST will use the Waiting Room option before the webinar or support group begins. Please note the meeting host will need to let you in prior to starting the meeting.

The webinar or support group will be locked 10 minutes after each session begins.Webinars, such as Community Meetings, will be password protected. When you register for a group, a password will be sent to you in an email. You will need to use this password to access the session. Support Groups, Men’s Drop In and Community Outings will not require a password.

As a reminder, although our webinars are recorded and uploaded to our website to share knowledge, support groups and other programs are not recorded. Please note during the webinars and on the recordings only the Presenters are visible and not the attendees.

How to Use Zoom:

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Learn how to register for BIST programs on our website:

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