FEATURED IMAGE: A picture of a blue bike. Its tires are flat, and its chain is off. It is attached to a wooden shelf by the wheels. Where the bike seat is, there is a huge dried grass and flower bouquet protruding out.


When was the last time you updated your preferences? Was it a month ago? Yesterday? Today? Maybe you can’t even remember the last time you considered YOU and YOUR preferences.

I know the feeling very well. I have been there, stuck, not even able to imagine what I wanted, other than wanting to feel like my old self again.

I eventually started to listen to my preferences, and choosing new ones. Which one will make me feel better? What do I need now? What does my heart desire? I tested my inspiration. Trusting I will know, I will feel what is good for me.

What will bring me closer to peace? Listening: did joy come along? Wonderful, I am on my way! With time and many explorations, I gave myself permission to update my preferences, again and again.

You can do it too. I am right there with you cheering you on as you try and edit your preferences.

Give it a chance, there are no mistakes, only experiences.

We are constantly evolving, permuting, growing and taking new roads to explore. When the time comes, don’t be afraid to let go of your preferences if they stop bringing joy into your life.

Play, try new experiences, colour outside the lines, do something that scares you a little, try something completely different and get ready to be happily surprised (or not impressed) by it. Discover new preferences!

Preference is only a greater liking for one alternative over another. Update them as often as you desire dear ones.

This is your life, these are your preferences.

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