by Alison

Since my injury, I’ve had a difficult time letting go of negative thoughts and feelings, especially after unpleasant encounters with people. Rehearsing comebacks to conversations that would never happen and singing the Disney song, ‘Let It Go‘ wasn’t helping, so I revived an old technique that worked for me years ago.

It combines visualization, breath, and mindfulness to interrupt the cycle of rumination. It’s great for letting go of all sorts of negative energy, including anxiety, worry, fear, regret, frustration, resentment, anger, etc. This is how I put it in a bubble and blow it away.

  1. Use your hands and arms to slowly outline the shape of a giant bubble in the air, starting at the top of the bubble.
  2. All the while, imagine how the bubble looks (mine is transparent and slightly shiny), focus on how the negativity feels in your body, and then picture it draining out of your body and into the bubble.
  3. Seal the bubble shut when your hands come together at the base of it. Pretend that you are holding the bubble in the palms of your hand.
  4. Then, take a deep breath in and slowly breath out to blow the bubble away. Exhale all of the air in your lungs as you picture the bubble floating high into the sky, further and further away from you. Watch the bubble carry away your troubles until you can’t see it anymore.
  5. Then focus on how your body feels now. (I always feel lighter.)
  6. Depending on what’s bothering you, you may need to fill a few more bubbles before feeling relaxed enough to move on to a healthy and productive activity.
  7. Sometimes, it helps to say out loud, “I’m going to put it in a bubble and blow it away”.

PHOTO CREDIT: Flying High via photopin (license)

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