Featured Image: A wooden thermometer against a blue sky. The mercury on the thermometer is 40°.

The summer of 2021 seems to swing back and forth between rain storms and heat waves. Regardless, the reality of summer is we’re going to have to put up with heat waves at some point. BIST’s advocacy committee has come up with these tips on staying cool if you don’t have air conditioning in your home.

Don’t Have Air Conditioning (A/C)?

1) Make your own! Here’s an easy DIY video:

All you need is:

  • styrofoam cooler
  • small desk fan
  • ice
  • sharp knife (please be careful!)

But note that this method might increase the humidity in your home.

2. Line your windows with foil emergency blankets to reflect the sun away from your home

These low cost first aid essentials can be effective in blocking heat from your home. Find out more, HERE.

Image Description: A folded silver emergency blanket. Source: mec.ca

 3. When sleeping:

  • Sleep with as little clothing as is comfortable for you
  • Use only a bedsheet to cover yourself
  • Use a spray bottle to mist the top sheet generously with water (but it shouldn’t be dripping wet)
  • Turn a fan on and direct it toward the bed
  • Sleep under the damp sheet and re-mist with water when dry

Are you having issues with your landlord about air conditioning?

  • Try to resolve the issues with your landlord through email so that you have documentation of the discussions.
  • If that doesn’t work, then contact any of the following organizations to get help communicating with your landlord:
    • Contact your local community legal clinic and request an opinion letter. Tell them the issues you are experiencing. Have the legal office forward an opinion letter to your landlord if needed. Find you local community legal clinic, HERE.

Brought to you by the BIST Advocacy Committee