This post is the second in a three-part series. BIST thanks BELL for being our 2020 Gold Corporate and Presenting Sponsor!

When things are specifically designed for your own needs, they work so much better. The Doro 824C Phone, available exclusively from Bell Canada, is an all in one smart phone for those who are blind or have low vision. The device is also compatible with hearing aids and has a loud, easy-to-understand sound. Simply put, it’s a phone designed to make the lives of people who have low vision or who are blind, much easier.Specially designed Apps for this phone include:

  • a pedestrian GPS to help users get around with more independence
  • a built-in vision aid which translates written text into spoken word
  • a screen reader which can read everything from menus to identifying your own keys
  • the screen reader that can be adjusted to language, dictation and speed
  • a colour and light identifier
  • a physical emergency button to connect with emergency contacts of your choice

Interested? You can learn how to download apps on a Doro Phone, HERE.

Choose your own keyboard

Do you prefer touchscreens or keypads? The choice is your’s – Doro has a silicone overlay which converts the touchscreen into an ABC keypad. Remove the overlay to use the touchscreen in standard Android mode. Bell Accessibility Discounts

Bell says that Doro 824C customers who identify as having an accessibility need qualify for a $16.50 monthly bill credit. This discount can also apply to other devices For more information, contact Bell’s Accessibility services centre.  Want support contacting them?  Contact Isabelle Rivaletto or 437-241-6751

Do you need help connecting with technology?

Our ABI Community Connections Coordinator, Isabelle, can help you to further explore this device or other technology so that you can stay more connected during the Pandemic and beyond. You can reach Isabelle at: or 437-241-6751.

FEATURED IMAGE: The Doro 824C Phone from Bell Canada