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Neurographic Workshop #2 (ONLINE)
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Neurographic Art is an uncomplicated way to work with the subconscious mind through drawing. It transforms one’s stress and fear by drawing freeform lines and then later using a specific algorithm to transform the stress into a beautiful work of art. Neurographic Art combines art, art therapy, neuroscience, and psychology.

Join BIST and BIAYR for 3 Online Neurographica Sessions presented by Salima Andany, of PaintItOut!


Session #2 – Neurographic Art: The Tree of Life

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Do you ever ask yourself: How do you grow as a person? Your job? What about your relationships? Your health and wellbeing? Which area of your life do you want to nurture, strengthen, and grow?

With the Tree of Your Life, you can transform the way you are growing any area in your life. This technique is easy to learn, and will support you in your personal development, by helping your mind expand. During the process of drawing, you will begin to perceive your own expectations in a new way. We will consider what your Life looks like as a Tree?

  • Learn to understand yourself and your thought patterns
  • Learn what you need to nurture yourself
  • Lean to connect to your inner wisdom using art
  • Explore your relationships
  • Reflect on your strengths & resilience
  • No art experience required

What You Will Need:

  • A heavy piece of paper (at least 8”x10”)
  • A circular object or objects to trace
  • Permanent marker (1 thick and 1 fine-line) like a black Sharpie
  • Other drawing/painting materials for adding colour: crayons or colour pencils or watercolour pencils or palette or pastels.

About the Presenter:

Salima Andany is a Trauma Therapist and Trauma-Informed Expressive Arts Therapist. Her struggles with speech, communication & emotional regulation after a TBI led her to expressive arts to manage anxiety, chronic pain, build resilience & cope with life’s challenges. She has come to understand that comparison is the thief of Joy. Her passion for creativity and psychology motivates her to support others in a learning these skills on their transformative journey.

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