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R Arndt-Perris art

Title: Just What The Doctor Ordered

Illustration Board, Pencil Crayon, Ink

Image Description: The featured image is a woman in glasses rendered in black and white.  Around her there are detailed patterns from nature as well as geometric forms, also rendered in black and white.  Pastel shades in the foreground highlight a bird, mushrooms and flowers.


R Arndt-Perris


Mixed Media,Pencil, Pencil Crayon, Water Colour, Acrylic Paint, Glass, Mirror, Plastic

Image Description: This work has vivid green orange and blue details. There is a woman at the centre of this work. Her head is divided into two halves. From the viewer’s perspective, the left has a portion of the skull cut away to reveal a blue and grey brain. The face is cracked with red streaks emanating from her eye. The right side of the face is uninjured, with beautiful features and a quiet smile.  Above the woman, we see the words, “don’t think about it, and you’ll be fine.”  The words are bordered by pills and capsules. Below the woman we see a classic Japanese style wave form.

Artist Statement

My work was created as an exploration of my growing & evolving understanding of my inner feelings of self after my brain injury and my interactions with the world, & specifically the treatment of the medical world in treating my injuries. I try to use media to capture the my emotions and sensations that I struggle to put into words.