Picture of artist Lyndon Andrews

Lyndon Andrews was born in 1949 in Christchurch, New Zealand. Educated in Essex, England and Yorktown, Saskatchewan. Attended Fanshawe College in London, Ontario. All works are acrylic and watercolour on paper. Sizes are approximately 13″x18″.

Image Description: Artist Lyndon Andrews, a white man with brown hair and a brown beard sits smiling on a couch. He is playing an acoustic guitar. A beige pug is by his side.

Lyndon’s art is on display during the month of June for Brain Injury Awareness Month at: McLeish Orlando, part of the team at PIA Law – BIST’s Corporate Platinum Sponsor.

Lyndon Andrews Art

image of a woman in a field with sheep

Image Description: An acrylic and water colour painting of a farm. A short stone wall and wooden gate separate the foreground and background of the frame. In the back is a dirt path road, three apple trees, two  barn houses, a black rooster and a two white butterflies. In the foreground, a curvaceous brunette woman wearing glasses stands in centre frame, wearing denim shorts, black knee-high boots, and a blue bra. She is wearing red lipstick and red nail polish, along with a red bandana and bracelets and has a yellow halo above her head. She has 5 sheep and a pug around her, and is petting one sheep with her right hand and holding a cane behind her back with her left.

image of a woman in a field with sheep

Image Description: A larger set woman wearing all black and a black headscarf is seen from behind looking out of her kitchen window. The kitchen is a blue-green and the window is framed with a beige brick, with a toaster on the counter on the left side of the frame and two red apples on the counter on the right. The window overlooks a town with several beige houses with black roofs, two cars, two boats, and a water-way. The top half of the view outside the window depicts a branch of an apple tree, with several ripe red apples growing off of it with green leaves.

sketch of a rural community with canoes and cottages

Image Description: Four cream-toned wood paneled houses with black roofs and red doors appear amidst a blue sky and large green trees in the top half of the photo. In the foreground, the top half of two red boats rest on some shrubbery. There is a pole in the foreground in the middle of the frame with two telephone wires draped along either side at the top, with two birds sitting on the wires on the right side.

image of cottages in the rain

Image Description: Four cream-toned wood paneled houses with grey roofs and red doors are in centre frame amidst a grey and rainy sky. There is a pole in the foreground on the left side with two telephone wires draped along either side at the top. On the right side of the frame in the foreground is a wooden swing set in front of some shrubbery.

Painting of a woman in a swing, outside a cottage with chickens

Image Description: A curvaceous woman in a black bra and shorts sits on a rope swing with a wooden seat in centre frame. Behind her on the right side of the frame is a wood panelled house with a black roof, red door, and two chickens standing outside of it on the grass — one white and one black. On the left side of the frame is water, a large tree, and several white clouds in the blue sky. In the foreground of the photo, around the woman, are two boats, two boat paddles and two more chickens.

painting of 2 women in a canoe

Image Description: The image backdrop is green-blue water and horizon. In the centre of the picture, a brunette woman in blue denim shorts and a bra is bent over, stepping out of a large red canoe and is shin-deep in water. Behind the road canoe, to the right of the brunette woman, is the backside of another curvaceous woman in a yellow polka dot bikini. In the background of the photo appear two large grey rocks emerging out of the water and another woman with her head and shoulder poking out of the water. In the foreground in front of the boat are lily pads and white flowers. A yellow butterfly floats in the top left corner of the frame and a turtle is on a grey rock in the bottom right corner.

pencil sketch by Lyndon Andrews

Image Description: A black and white abstract linework pencil sketch of a marshy area. On the left, a woman with long hair lays on a chair, with breast and stomach exposed and lower body leading into a mermaid tail.  Tall leaves and flowers surround the lower half of the picture, with a tree stemming up on the right an animalistic face emerging out of the shrubbery beside it. There is a sun on the top right hand side and on the left, a bird sits amidst several branches, leaves and circular fruit.