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Instagram: @vzitaart | Facebook: @vsitaart

Watch Tower; Mixed media on canvas; 24 x 30″; $300

Making Love; Oil on canvas; 4 x 4′; $3000

Image Description

Watch Tower

Paint on canvas. Saturated cold tones form the background of this painting. Thick paint creates strong textures and three-dimensional ridges. Golden paint streams down the center of the canvas, creating the focal point. Across the entire painting, wisps of colour create a cloudy appearance in the background.

Making Love

Paint on Canvas. Dark red and black tones make up the backdrop of this painting. A bright streak cuts across the center of the canvas with bright white at the center of it. A less pronounced vertical stripe of pale orange is placed overtop. Thin white splatters create an appearance of energy streaking off these two stripes.

Artist Biography:

In 2006 Vanessa sustained a traumatic brain injury in a freak accident. While waiting at a stoplight an overloaded dump truck sped by her car. A boulder fell to the ground, broke apart, and a fragment flew in her open car window striking her in the head. She was pronounced dead at the scene. Rehabilitation was a long process and ended with Vanessa being unable to return to the workforce.

She began painting to express emotion and found it allowed her to focus her attention, relax and get lost in the colour and texture of the paint. She now creates her abstract paintings on large canvases using a mixed medium.  

As a female member of the 2SLGBTQI+ community with a hidden disability, Vanessa finds it important to continue public speaking to help inspire people in similar communities. 

At this point in her career Vanessa has been featured on CBC London radio and in Curve Magazine. Her artwork has made appearances in various editions of Our Homes Magazine and hangs on the walls of Western’s Interdisciplinary Research Building. It also can be seen in several commercials, movies and TV shows, such as The Rick Mercer Show, Locke & Key and Run the Burbs.

A philanthropist at heart, Vanessa enjoys donating her art to help raise money for local charities she believes in.