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Adventures of a Neurospicy, 1; Digital print on canvas (original – marker on canvas board); 18 x 12″

Adventures of a Neurospicy, 2; Marker on canvas board, 6 x 8″

Adventures of a Neurospicy 3; Marker on canvas board, 8 x 6″

Adventures of a Neurospicy 4; Marker on canvas board, 8 x 6″

Image Descriptions:

Adventures of a Neurospicy 1

Four illustrations on one canvas. From left to right, top to bottom:

A drawing of head, neck and shoulders with various illustrations drawn inside, such as: a mouth that’s open, showing teeth and a pipe sticking out where the tongue is expected to be, a kneeling image of a person is struggling to keep the mouth lifted below it, a painting of watching a Marvel movie at home on a TV, an image of a house on fire covered in flames, fingers clutching a yellow background where the left shoulder is, ripped envelopes where right shoulder is.

A drawing of a person holding up a lit lighter, wearing headphones. There is a bomb in place of their face.

A drawing of a person who is all white, with no features except for eyes which are closed and crying blue tears, lieing on green grass.

An image of a person with square sunglasses, wearing a sweatshirt, with headphones. Behind them appears to be a white ghostly creature, with Xs for eyes trying to grab them.

Adventures of a Neurospicy 2

An image of a person’s torso. Inside the person’s head is a white figure, crouched down, their legs and arms outstretched against the sides of the head, as though they are trying to keep the head from caving in on them. On their face, their eyes are two lopsided dots and their mouth is a squiggle line. There are bubbles and squiggly lines along their torso.

Adventures of a Neurospicy 3

An image of a dark hand covering a face, with two other faces behind it and one in the background smiling.

Adventures of a Neurospicy 4

An image of a white figure with oil dripping down one side of its body. The following colours are surrounding them – from closest to the figure to the outward edge of the page – yellow, orange, red, green, blue and purple.

Artist Description:

Most of these (except for two) were made while I was un-housed and in a youth transitional shelter, which happened due to a particularly bad mTBI which made me unable to work. Due to being a contract worker no EI was available so I was living in my car after the injury then got into a youth shelter, then the transitional program which is where I made the art.

Adventures of a Neurospicy 1

Top, Right: Different traumatic events big and small that have happened that I carry in my head.

Adventures of a Neurospicy 3

Is my grieving different things that had been going on in my life, present and past. I had just gotten housed, was having surgery, and my partner broke up with me – it was a lot.

Artist Biography

Nat Maure (they/them) is a 26 year-old Non-Binary, Autistic person who’s had multiple mTBI that affects mostly memory and word finding though they also live with depression, anxiety, OCD & cPTSD.

Their neurospicy and lived experiences is the source that they make their art from as a form of therapy.