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Only Half Here; Acrylic on canvas; 24 x 18″; $315

Solace; Acrylic on canvas; 8 x8 “; $100

Image Description:

Only Half Here

Acrylic paint on canvas. The left side of this painting has a foggy dark look to it with lighter coloured clouds appearing over a dark backdrop. The right side of the painting is brighter, with a thick cloud of green that drips down down the painting from the top. The cloudiness shows the feeling of being faded or not wholly present.


Acrylic paint on canvas. Dark red-orange tones create a wash over the whole canvas. Darker marks can be seen on the canvas, a zigzagging red streak near the bottom left, as well as a dripping red spot near the top right. The painting has a peaceful feeling to it despite the dark colours used.