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Journey; Acrylic on canvas; 18 x 24″; $500

Spaghetti Brain Thought-things; Acrylic and gel on canvas; 18 x 24″; $500

Image Description


Paint on canvas. A bare canvas border surrounds this painting. A yellow stripe goes from top to bottom, next to it a rectangle covers a majority of the canvas. In the rectangle, red fades to yellow-orange. Large ridges of red paint add a 3D texture, and there are less and less of them as the painting fades from dark to light.  

Spaghetti Brained Thought-things

Yellow and orange create an interesting backdrop within the blank canvas borders of this painting. In the center, two red brain lobes can be seen with thick, multicoloured lines flowing away from the lobes. The lines express brain fog as well as the tangled train of thoughts which can often come along with brain injury.

Artist Description


Abstract representation of the recovery journey after brain injury.  Viewed from left to right, the yellow portion depicts life before brain injury.  There is some shading to show that while trials and tribulations existed before, it is different to what is experienced after injury. The demarcating dark line is the brain injury event, with the subsequent rough patches and messy tangles representing the challenges that arise. The tapering demonstrates navigation through the challenges over time. As the survivor recovers and gains strategies to manage symptoms and deficits, the frequency and impact of challenges while still present, lessens over time.

Spaghetti Brain Thought-things

This interactive piece is a representation of navigating through the brain fog and tangled train of thoughts, after brain injury. There are multiple layers “spaghetti thoughts.”

The first basic coloured layer, these spaghetti thoughts are more primordial, rugged, less smooth, and somewhat fragmented. The second fluorescent layer, these spaghetti thoughts are smoother and appear more developed. However, both layers impede and interfere with the extraction of the main train of thought. This main thought, while brightly shines, is tangled amongst the spaghetti brain thought-things, as it develops from silver to a golden thought.  Bonus! The fluorescent layer glows under black light!

Artist Biography

Maggie Sin is an Occupational Therapist.  She also makes art.  Another artist, Ms. Barrow introduced her with, “This is Maggie, she is also an artist,” therein cementing Maggie’s confidence that she is in fact, an artist.