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Lifesaver; Digital Photo on Canvas; 16 x 12″

Off Leash Area

Artist Statement:

Lifesaver – I enjoy this area of the beach because it has a lot of nature. Straight down from Lawn bowling. I watch the lifeguards go by, training on longboards and canoes.

Off Leash Area – I like dogs so the off leash area is a place where they are joyful. I search for the elusive Nessie Ontarioie but no luck yet! This is an area with foliage, rocks and wildflowers.

Image Descriptions:

Life Saver

Digital photography. Capture of a sunny beach scene. The leaves of a tree hang over the beach, giving the impression of looking out into the waves while sitting in the shade. A life saver rests on a pole in the center of the scene along the rocky edge of the beach.

Off Leash Area

Digital Photography. This photo shows a beach scene. Sand gives away to a rocky coastline with a beat up concrete dock sitting over the water. The sky is solid blue, the waves along the coast are in motion and can be seen creating whitecaps as they splash against the rocky coast. A small ammount of shrubbery and tree leaves can be seen along the right side of the image.