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speak memory  © Jennifer Lindsay; $500 each

Image Description

Nine textured tiles arranged in three rows of three, resting on a white surface. Each tile appears to be square with slightly rounded corners and presents a unique tactile pattern.

In the top row, from left to right: the first tile is a soft peach colour with a fine criss-cross texture, resembling woven fabric. The middle tile is a vibrant orange with a pattern of raised dots, akin to a textured painting. The last is a bright yellow tile with diagonal ridges creating a dynamic pattern.

The middle row features: a vivid red tile with a stippled, bubbly texture on the left is a central tile in lemon yellow with a sunburst pattern emanating from the center, suggesting a tactile radial design; and a grey tile with a rough, pitted surface, like that of a coarse stone.

The bottom row consists of: a red tile similar to the one above it but with a slightly different shade and texture variation, a yellow tile identical to the central tile in the row above; and another orange tile, akin to the first row’s orange one, yet differing slightly in hue and textural detail.

Artist Description:

Speak Memory is an ongoing series of ceramic tablets that explore so-called communication disorders with injured minds. These nine tablets are a playful ode to trouble with word finding. If you look carefully, you can find words imprinted by way of metal letterpress type. Words include, but are not limited to: flashbulb memory, muscle memory, and remember to forget.

Speak Memory borrows its name from Vladimir Nabakov’s autobiography. It is an extension of an ongoing project called 26 or less which includes audio research, soundscape productions, and an abstract theatrical presentation. All engaging with a social study of neuroscience and brain injury.

Artist Biography:

Jennifer Lindsay is an artist and researcher based in Tkaronto, Canada.

Her work centres on the body in pain and its relationship to external forces. A writer, director, producer, and hand-maker, her projects are rooted in theatre, film, ceramics, and sound. In recent years, Jennifer founded a company which supports the work of artists and activists alike. As part of her current MA research, she is exploring alternative forms of communication with injured minds. She is also a Senior Clinical Research Associate for a sexual health study that supports vulnerable communities in Canada.