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Living Choices Lived; Acrylic on Canvas: 3 x 5′

Image Description:

The painting depicts the artist, a young Black man who appears to be at peace, as he’s put himself in a meditative seated yoga-like stretch, his eyes closed and his head pointing down (left arm grabbing right knee, with his left foot stretching out into the foreground as a life support, from the burdens and pains of this world). This notion is then juxtaposed by this almost outer body experience of these Surreal depictions of two other faces swaying back and forth surrounding him, one showing joy and the other sadness.

Artist Description:

During this time I was battling with identity and trying to discover or rediscover myself. The setting of the painting is in my previous residence – another condo space. I’m sitting on the floor with my eyes closed and I have painting supplies behind me, bags, a box, and a little sofa.

These faces represent, at the time, me trying to rediscover myself and my identity, and the constant struggle with this internal dialogue with myself, these multiple emotions and characters (Am I good enough? Do I deserve to be happy? vs. I am enough, and I do deserve to be happy). This is something that resonates with all of us (we’re only human). Think about the notion of Utopia as order in the world vs. Dystopia as chaos in the world, good vs. bad, light vs. dark. The faces are almost a reminder of the constant battle I personally face with rediscovering myself as a Black Artist, as well as fitting into society with having an Acquired Brain Injury.