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The true inner self; $400; Mixed media on canvas board

Image Description

Mixed media on a purple background. An image of two owls perched on a swing surrounded by flowers. The flowers are plastic and are attached to the canvas board. The larger owl has a key in her beak and has large purple eyes. The smaller owl, also with large purple eyes, is encased inside the larger owl. There is a purple flower in front of the smaller owl and a keyhole is at the centre of the flower.

Artist Description

My piece depicts the inner child I’ve kept locked in a gilded cage deep inside of me since my injury. It shows the determination and strength I gained in the older, larger outer owl, and the more innocent / curious / vulnerable child hidden inside.

The diamonds jewels represent the fragmented childhood I had from being in and out of hospital and being bullied. They also depict the strength and determination I had to conquer my cancer and other obstacles.

The layers of paper depicting the larger owl’s body and head represent the extra layers of emotional skin I grew to deal with hardships in my life. The patterns within represent my Irish heritage that helped me be determined throughout.

The swing the owl is perched on with the rope of flowers depicts my family and friends that supported me and raised me up when I was down.

Finally the key represents the fact that only I hold the key to my future and only those I trust will ever see the true me.

Artist Biography

Ciara is a 35 year-old Canadian of Irish decent. She is a survivor of childhood brain cancer and stroke. She has spent her whole life defying the odds and expectations of others who doubted her abilities, while using her art and imagination to help her escape the hardships life threw in her direction.

Now almost 28 years later, she has a diploma in Fine Arts, and a bachelor degree in Therapeutic Recreation, that allows her to use her art and new skills to help others, while inspiring them to dream big and follow their dreams, despite whatever obstacles life throws in their path.