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Still Afloat; Acrylic on wood panel; 36 x 30″; $800

Artist Description:

Still Afloat is done in acrylic on wood panel. It is about my own journey with brain injury, trying to keep many aspects of my life up and running. Each boat represents one of the following: spiritual, physical, cognitive, emotional, and connection with others. So far these areas are Still Afloat.

Artist Biography:

Denise is a Toronto based artist who works in acrylic paint and photography.

Image Description:

This painting uses negative space and non-parallel lines to show a collection of small boats in a surreal location. Tones of blue represent a ground the boats are on with darker shades showing the shadows cast under the boats. Green and orange dynamic shading makes each line pop as well as show a clear foreground and background in the otherwise abstract setting of this painting.