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20″×20″ Encaustic Oil Painting on Gallery style wood panel. Accessible 3D sensory art that can be touched.

Image Description:

This abstract work is rendered in earth tones of soft burnt umber, brown and ecru.  A central round figure is shaded and resembles a muted sun.  The figure includes areas of patterned texture.

View close-ups of the art, HERE.

Artist Description:

This is the first is a series of Encaustic Wax & Oil Painting I am doing using Barb wire, Chicken wire & Japanese Hake Brushes to depict my struggles with ‘Internalised Ableism,’ loss of hope, Recovery, Brain Injury, acceptance of Crip and disability discourse. I am embracing words like ‘resistance’ and ‘warrior’ ‘Fibro fighter’ on my healing and Artistic journeys.


Encaustic Painting on watercolour paper, 11”x14” original, framed.

$750 – contact artist via Instagram at @andanyart  OR OR

Image Description:

This is an abstract piece with a black background with layered horizontal strokes of off-white, grey and blue.

View close-ups of the art, HERE.

Artist Statement

This is an emotive expressive abstract after reflection of these words, ‘when the sun shines, it doesn’t discriminate among people – the light reaches everyone, it breaks down all barriers.’ ~ Abida Parveen

The piece processes a piece of the trauma of Traumatic Brain Injury, the emotional turbulence of facing daily barriers, the dark murky places we journey to ruminating on what life could or should have been … it’s unrelenting. The light is the hope that carries us through these times of uncertainty.

Artist Biography

My name is Salima Andany, BSW, EXAT.

I am an Artist, Expressive Arts Therapist and Facilitator. My pronouns are she/her.

My personal experience of trauma, Fibromyalgia and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), taught me the value and how to use art to heal, manage chronic pain, build resilience and cope with life’s challenges. I believe once you’ve survived the hardest thing, whatever that is in your life, you have this weird confidence, a superpower that you can survive anything. My love for creativity and psychology to support others on their transformative therapeutic journey.