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Mind Over Mind Identified

Image Description:

Painting of a man with three distinct heads showing three different facial expressions. There are two men in each corner of the painting, reaching down towards the heads. 

Artist Description:

This is a self portrait of the internal struggle, after my Acquired Brain Injury, between Evil and Good (I wanted to go for a sort of “muted, but also vibrant” colour palette of Warms and Cools). The heads on either side represent the reference to “the Angel and Devil on each Shoulder.” On each top corner of the canvas, there are these figures (who have almost “shapeshifted”, and taken on my form). The top right (where the face is mostly in light is GOOD). The top left (where the face’s eyes and lips are covered in shadows is BAD). The main subject (or character) in this painting is myself, and so the multiple heads depict a sort of “confused, reassured, doubtful” expression. The constant battle of Temptation vs. Faith.

Feelings on Words 

Image Description:

Close up painting of a man under water, blowing bubbles. There is an image of a brain floating in front of his forehead.

Artist Description:

This is a self portrait of the internal struggle, after my Acquired Brain Injury, not able to pick up on Verbal / Nonverbal Cues (I wanted to go for a very sort of “washed out, muted” colour palette of Warms and Cools). Depicted in this painting is a sort of “outer body experience” (with my face neutral, my eyes opened wide, unconsciously watching the viewer, as my brain – shown as this “surrealistic symbol”, floats out and in front of my forehead). From my minds eye (as you the viewer, and I, watch myself drown in the water, with bubbles escaping to the surface), it feels at times that not picking up on (or understanding) Verbal / Nonverbal Cues, is like “Running around like a headless chicken” (which is depicted very subtly in the top left, first of two canvas’).

Artist Biography

James Okore is a Toronto based visual artist, specializing in the hybrid styling of Realism, Abstraction, Expressionism and Surrealism. His resilience and passion were discovered after having experienced a life-threatening, motor-vehicle accident at the tender age of 6. Through rehab and therapy, and his optimistic spirit for being an accepted member of society, James pushed through leaps and bounds and now sees the world in a different light. Always feeling challenged, James came to a place where he himself challenged the boundaries of what would be considered as “Art,” developing a greater appreciation for this platform to create. Told that he wouldn’t be able to do things independently, James started focusing his attention to details, and working general to specific – which echoes through how James see’s the world, as every little moment and detail, in this life, counts. From a personal standpoint, James has always found the subject of identity to be quite fascinating. James is best recognized for his captivating mastery when capturing the essence and the spirit of those he interprets in his works, and from a humanist standpoint, giving back through motivating and inspiring others.

Follow him at: @jamesokoreart