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Left Image: $725 

Image Description: Bright and vibrant multi-coloured abstract painting, featuring a mix of different shades of green, blue, yellow and pink. The frame has a blue background.

Middle Image: $675

Image Description: An abstract multi-coloured painting, featuring a mix of blue, yellow, turquoise and green. Frame is a pink background.

Left Image: $700 

Image Description: An abstract multi-coloured painting, featuring a mix of blue, yellow, and brown. Background frame is white with a brown border.

Artist Biography

France Theriault is a passionate ambassador for those who have suffered from a Traumatic Brain Injury. As a person who has an Acquired Brain Injury, she uses her lived experience to help others cope and heal from their similar wounds

Built on her own recovery experiences, France launched Standing By Your Side 65 where she offers virtual/ in person monthly gathering under Concussion Support Services.

The same year she became a yoga teacher and a few months later pursued her training to acquired qualification as a Restorative Yoga Teacher.

In August 2020, after one year of online education, France become a Certified health and Life Coach. Her desire is to support people to create their best life.

Creative Abstract Explorer, writer and inspirational speaker are some of the passions she enthusiastically embraces on a regular basis. As a beauty seeker, France loves surrounding herself with original and one of a kind items. Spirituality is a part of her life and you can find many inspirational quotes or maxims on France’s wall guiding her to stay on course with her dreams.

When France is not working, you can find her hiking in the forest, doing creative explorations, reading, meeting with friends or cooking delicious, colourful and nutritious dishes.

Contact artist on Instagram @bloominginharmony to purchase pieces OR

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