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WITH was originally on exhibit at #CripRitual at Tangled Art + Disablity

Photograph by Michelle Peek Photography


‘WITH’ is the main title of the piece as a whole.

Series 1

1) Looking down – By Faye Harnest

2) Night Air – Cassidy Bankson

3) Why Did You Forget? – Earl LeBlanc

4) Friendenemy – Dawn McLeod

5) Feed It to the Wolves – By Faye Harnest

Series 2

6) Fractured Word – Earl LeBlanc


8) re-becoming – Dawn McLeod

9) Carving Space – Cassidy Bankson

10) Define This: I Dare You – Earl LeBlanc

Series 3

11) Underground – Cassidy Bankson

12) In Deep at the Sunday Blowout – Dawn McLeod

13) In the Deep – By Faye Harnest

14) No one Knows What its Like Behind These Eyes – Earl LeBlanc

15) Into Technicolour – Cassidy Bankson

Series 4

16) At Full Speed at the Hippodrome – Dawn McLeod

17) Musical Inspiration and Concussion – Earl LeBlanc

18) Rebound + Suspension – Cassidy Bankson

19) All of It – By Faye Harnest

20) Earthshaker – Dawn McLeod

Image Description: 

WITH (piece as a whole) Visual Description: Here are 20 drawings on paper arranged in four columns across and five rows down. The images in each column are connected by a vertical wire. One is immediately struck by the variety of aesthetics in these pieces. Each of the four contributing artists have used a different medium. Cassidy Bankson’s drawings are mixed media; Faye Harnest’s are digital; Earl LeBlanc’s are pastel; and Dawn McLeod’s are collage. Upon closer inspection, patterns and thematic connections appear, including: -tearing, shattering, fractures and fragments -getting caught, being controlled by an outside force, and breaking out -wolves, snapping, biting -wide eyes looking outward -and abstract use of vivid colours and movement

Artists' Statement

WITH adapts the collaborative drawing game, “exquisite corpse,” into a group creative practice that supports connection and accessibility. We connected because we were artists that felt estranged from our original art forms and were looking for new ways to create. We also wanted to find ways to break through the isolation of living with an acquired brain injury (ABI).

WITH is a ritual that brought us into the playful and potentially transformational power of collective art making.

WITH is a collaboration between artists with acquired brain injuries. As creators, they share a passion for storytelling, community building, and evolving their creative practices based on their lived experiences of disability.