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First from the left: Femme Neurographic Tree (Watercolour & Ink on Canvas 16″×20″)

What is Neurographic Art? When we draw using the Neurographica algorithms, it helps us engage more neurons. This in turn transforms one’s stress and fear by drawing freeform lines to transform the stress in a beautiful work of art. This process uses a drawing technique that links the conscience with the subconscious. It has several benefits: Helps lower anxiety, Depression, blood pressure, stress, process attachment issues, grid, ADD, & PTSD.


2nd from the Left: Transit (Acrylic & Oil on Canvas 4.2′ x 5′)  

Ten paint layers with up to 36-42 striations each representing the diversity of human race & each layer a 100 years of human history of Genocide and Slavery globally. The final layer on top deposits the resiliency and hope that we can end Colonialism, Racism, Slavery and Genocide in the next 100 years.

Today slavery affects more than 40 million people worldwide – more than at any other time in history. One in 200 people is a slave.

The word “slavery” conjures up images of shackles and transatlantic ships depictions that seems relegated firmly to the past. But more people are enslaved today than at any other time in history. How many slaves are there today, and who are they?

Experts have calculated that roughly 13 million people were captured and sold as slaves between the 15th and 19th centuries; today, an estimated 40.3 million people – more than three times the figure during the transatlantic sale trade – are living in some form of modern slavery, according to the latest figures published by the UN’s International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Walk Free Foundation.

Women and girls comprise 71% for all modern slavery victims. Children make up 25% and account fo 10 million of all the slaves worldwide. This is our past and very real present.


Middle Image, Second from the Right and Right Image: Continuum (6″x12″ Alcohol Ink on Yupo)

The existential quandary of an Amnesiac inhabiting and co-existing with a transparent inaccessible past, an ever present present, and fearful prognostications of a very real ableist future.