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Artist Description

Vertigo in Motion

Brain injury and seizures can create ‘spinning room vertigo’. Severe motion sensitivity while reading, writing, watching tv, movies and even daily motion of walking. The eyes are on slits and rotators and have a googley – crossed eye expression. While myself and the world around me moves in violent circles.

Image Description

The background is within four indigo gradient triangles. The main body looks like a fan out, circular rotation of reds from bright to dark as it fades into the distance. The face and top circle on top the stack is white. The round indigo and black eyes sit on top a cross shape symbolizing motion of left to right and up and down. The eyes look crossed eyed. The mouth is an oval grey shape with indigo base. It is wide as if screaming out.

Artist Statement

I am a professional digital media artist.

I also create in mixed medium and polymer clay. My TBI was 10 years ago. It changed my life forever. I have frontal lobe and brain stem epilepsy. Spinal cord damage and sight issues. I create art at my own pace now, as a form of brain recovery and to escape into my artwork.

I live with my husband and with my medical alert fur kids.

Studio Site:

Instagram: gothickangelca

Facebook: GothickAngelStudios

Youtube: Gothick Angel Studios

LinkedIn: Melissa BK