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Pre-Since Prescence (16″ x 20″) Acrylic on Canvas $100

Image Description:

On left side is a white outline of a long haired woman looking up to the sky with bright orange/white stars representing her brain. The background is done in vivid reds, oranges and greens. In the middle of the picture is a wide dark purple lightning bolt. On the right side of the picture is a white outline of the same woman with her hair in a messy bun and looking down. There is grey fog and little bright white lightning bolts where her brain was and also at the back of her head, neck and her eyes representing brain fog, migraines, headaches and tension. The background is done in dark somber blues. The painting reflects the difference before and after trauma.

Artist Statement

‘Pre-Since Prescence’ means before and after and still being here. It’s a nouveau art self-portrait of me before the accident and me now.