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Both pieces are done in the Manga style, digitally painted and printed.

On sale for $40 each. Contact BIST at to be connected to the artist.

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Left Image: Eros and Psyche (11” x 14″)

Artist Description: Eros the God and his consort Psyche enjoying a moment together, there are roses and a greek structure in the background.

Image Description: Eros and Psyche-Eros hold Psyche, who is his consort. Eros has wings, and short blond hair. Psyche has long flowing brown hair, is topless and wearing a flowing skirt. The picture is of them from the waist up only. There are roses behind Eros. There is Greek Architecture and grass behind Psyche.

Right Image: Fairy in the Woods (11” x 14″)

Artist Description: The fairy is enjoying Springtime in her woods

Image Description: A bust of a naked fairy. Showing her from the side, shoulders up. Long flowing brown hair. She is facing left, a tree trunk is slightly behind her on the left. She is surrounded by different coloured plants and flowers.