My name is Trevor and my life took a different path 2 ½ years ago. 

I was a student at the University of Western Ontario and was running my own successful business.  I was travelling eastbound on the 401 to Toronto for a business meeting, when a transport truck lost control and t-boned me at full speed.  I was taken to Hamilton General Hospital where I was in intensive care for weeks.

Visibly I had very little damage, just a cut on my head requiring 4 stiches, but internally it was a different story.  My frontal lobe was hemorrhaging blood, my parietal lobe had several contusions and my Glasgow Coma Scale of 7, place me in the severe brain injury category.  I was determined to have a catastrophic brain injury.
Upon my release from the hospital, I was sent to Toronto Rehab for my inpatient treatment.  My main challenges were with fatigue and memory and my sleeping patterns were all over the place.   My recovery has been long and hard, but the support of my family and friends has been crucial to my recovery.  I really try not to feel sorry for myself and appreciate the care and support that I have.
I had to shelf my aspirations for a while, but staying positive, not laying blame or feeling like a victim, really helped motivate me to keep on going through my recovery.  I try to live my life like nothing happened and not blame my frustrations or challenges on my brain injury.  It would just make everything worse.
As a former hockey player drafted to the NHL, my identity was being competitive and active.  I try to stay active now, as it is all too easy to become isolated.  Luckily I am surrounded by a fantastic rehab team of SLPs, OTs, PTS and they help encourage me even when I am down.  I go to the gym with my Rehab Support Worker and am building my tolerance.
I appreciate everything I have and I will get back to my former career as an entrepreneur.  I have lots of time to think and plan.