BIST is proud to be part of an advocacy campaign with other provincial brain injury associations asking for a benefit that would allow those on OW and ODSP to afford basic internet – something we believe is a necessity especially during Pandemic times.

As such, we have contacted our local MPP, Dr. Jill Andrew, MPP Toronto St-Pauls with the following letter which you can read, HERE.

See BELOW for How YOU can HELP

basic virtual support

Do you live with brain injury and need help with technology?

BIST can help!

We can help you LEARN how to use technology AND we also may be able to get you a FREE GENTLY USED DEVICE like a smart phone or computer.

Contact our ABI Community Connections Coordinator, Isabelle: [email protected] OR

Create a Letter

You can write YOUR OWN letter or COPY this one, HERE.

Here’s how to COPY our letter:

On a PC

Click on the Letter, HERE.
On a PC:
  • Select – Cntrl + A OR Go to File / Edit / Select All
  • Copy – Cntrl + C OR File / Edit/ Copy
  • Open your Email
  • Paste – Cntrl + V OR File / Edit / Paste

On a Mac

Click on the Letter, HERE.
On a MAC:
  • Select – Command + A OR Go to File / Edit / Select All
  • Copy – Command + C OR File / Edit/ Copy
  • Open your Email
  • Paste – Command + V OR File / Edit / Paste

Make it PERSONAL (if you’d like)

Share Your Story!

Do you have a story about how better Internet access could improve your life?

Spread the word!  We are collecting stories to let MPPs know how important Basic Virtual Connections are. We can also help write any letters.

Please contact BIST at: [email protected] OR 416-830-1485.

Find Your MPP

Don't know how to find your Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP?)

Find your MPP using your Postal Code, HERE.

Find your MPP by your Electoral District, HERE.

If you're unable to send a letter, or you'd like to send a different message, or tell your personal story, we can help.

Contact [email protected] OR 416-830-1485.