No stranger to doing amazing things for the brain injury community, Rob is a long time BIST member known for his amazing style, friendly attitude and commitment to BIST. This year, Rob joined the Ontario Brain Injury Associations’s Advisory Council, where he attends meetings as a BIST representative.

Congratulations Rob – we think these answers show your amazing spirit and we can’t thank you enough for everything you do for BIST!

1. The reason I began volunteering for BIST was:

I get great satisfaction from being round people (my peers) and knowing I was giving without expecting anything in back.

 2. If I could pick any job in the world, I would:

Work as a social worker.

 3. I have an (irrational or otherwise) fear of:


 4. My greatest assets as a volunteer are:

I like to laugh with people and do what I need to do.  Be caring and see people feel good about themselves.

Rob at BuskerFest, in summer 2015

5. My friends would describe me as:

Dependable, likes to be active and give of myself and know I am making a difference.

 6. If I could invent a super power, it would be:

A purveyor of love.

 7. What inspires me most about BIST is:

The people I’m around, who, despite challenges, give me hope as I see how they overcome them.

 8. If I won $1 million dollars I would:

Give it to charities that mean the most to me; ie. Brain Injury and help people.

2014_island_Kat and Rob
Rob with former BIST programs and services coordinator, Kat Powell, at Toronto Island in 2014

9. My personal hero is:

Mike “Pinball” Clemons because he was part of the winning Argos team in 2004 and he has time for everyone.  He actually gave me a hug once and I bawled my eyes out.  It felt like about four minutes but was really only 15 seconds.

 10. My celebrity “crush” is:

Jennifer Lopez!

11. My favourite BIST event is:

The summer picnic because everybody enjoys getting together, catching up with each other.

 12. A quote/motto I try to live by is:

“Keep calm and carry on”  “Always look on the bright side of life.”

 13. If I could volunteer anywhere in the world I would:

Live in England and volunteer with a Brain Injury group.

 14. One time, as a kid, I:

Had a paper route that showed me what responsibility was.

 15. I am most proud of:

Going to Renascent Treatment Centre and being sober for 24 years now and being married to Amanda for 24 years.

Stay tuned as we announce the winner in the Ambassador category next week!

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