Corporate Sponsorships help us provide FREE supports to our members such as:

  • Support Groups – including groups for women, survivors of violence/abuse and members of the LGBTQ2S+ communities
  • Social Drop-Ins – a men’s group and an arts-based, often member-lead ‘Freaky Friday’ program
  • Workshops on topics relevant to brain injury for ABI survivors, families and professionals
  • Annual Series Programs – including Gentle Yoga, Persistent Concussion Series and ABI Info Series
  • Peer Mentor Program – (in partnership with the Ontario Brain Injury Association) connecting ABI survivors and caregivers to a trained peer mentor
  • Functional Support – practical support to assist our members’ needs where they are at, including help with technology, form filling, accessing healthcare, court support and more

Find out more about what we do, HERE.

Current Sponsorship Opportunities:

What Our Members Say:

“For the last few years, BIST has been a readily available support for me. Brain injury has life long effects, which need continual support. BIST staff and members have been instrumental in my continuance to manage myself and build on trust and coping mechanisms for everyday life.”  – CG

BIST Members at the picnic

Other Sponsorship Opportunities:

BIST promotes sponsorship opportunities as they arise and will ensure these opportunities are transparent and are made equally available to all interested supporters. Sponsorship opportunities will be limited to events and publications.

Our mission is our key priority, and we strive to deliver value to our members while remaining objective about their interests. It is important for BIST to avoid all real and perceived conflicts of interest and therefore our sponsorship policies reflect our need to remain independent and free from influence.

In addition to the annual sponsorships, BIST will continue to offer individual sponsorship opportunities for certain events that it offers throughout the year.

We look forward to working with you!

For more information, please contact our Chief Executive Officer, Laura Bellon, at: or 647-748-0847.