The heroes of brain injury are assembling for the BIST 5K Run, Walk and Roll on October 1st!

As we prepare for Race Day, BIST has selected a special superhero squad of amazing heroes of brain injury we will feature on a weekly basis until the big day.

Meet Remarkable Ryan – #4 in our Heroes of Brain Injury Series.

Be sure to collect all six heroes!

How long have you been working in brain injury?

I have been working representing people with brain injury for over 10 years.

Describe your work.

As a personal injury lawyer, my job is to help people with brain injuries, caused by someone else’s negligence, recover the income that they have lost due to their brain injury and to ensure that they are compensated for their care costs.

Why do you participate in the BIST 5K?

I have been a big supporter of BIST for many years and I have been on the board of directors for the past four years. BIST is a fabulous organization that helps people in Toronto with brain injuries and their families by providing a variety of programs and services. The money raised at the BIST 5K goes a long way to providing those programs and services.

What does being a hero of brain injury mean to you?

It means working every day to help people who have suffered brain injuries while at the same time educating the general public about brain injuries and the devastating impact they can have on people who have suffered one.

What is your favourite part about Race Day?

It is a very fun event and not a competitive race. Many people bring their families and pets and they have activities there for the children. It is always a great chance to touch base with all of the people who are involved with BIST in a variety of ways.


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