The Peer Support Program for people living with ABI connects an individual who is a “veteran” in living with the effects of acquired brain injury (ABI) with a “partner” who is coping with a similar ABI-related situation and is in need of support from a knowledgeable friend.  The programs is available to survivors, family members or unpaid providers of care.  Mentor/partner matches are based on similar experiences, demographics and personal interests.

The peer support programs can be a great way to support efforts toward recovery, and compliments professional services. Mentors and partners talk by phone or email so they can arrange a convenient time and can participate from their own homes.


As a partner, you can learn from someone who has been there. Help is available at every step of your journey on the road to recovery.  Whether you are a survivor or a family member, you can be matched with a mentor at any time after injury, from acute care to the return home. Your mentor can even help with situations that may arise many years after injury.


As a mentor, you can help others by sharing your experiences.

Mentors provide support and share information and resources with partners who are coping with a similar ABI-related situation.  Mentoring offers an excellent opportunity to help others during their recovery while learning new skills and making new acquaintances.

For more information, please contact Isabelle Rivaletto, our Peer Support Coordinator at OR 647-990-1485.