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Brain Injury & The Law: A Functional Support Initiative

Update – July 2023 – We are no longer able to run this program

The Brain Injury Society of Toronto and the Brain Injury Association of North Bay and Area are very excited to introduce our new program: Brain Injury and Law, a Functional Support Initiative, that is generously funded by the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation.

This program has been created to help vulnerable persons who have Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) increase access to justice.

We Can Help With:

  • Accessing and planning transportation
  • Advocating for courtroom accommodation
  • Giving reminders of court or other important dates
  • Providing support referrals
  • Providing assistance in managing documents
  • Assisting with communication needs
  • Connecting with Vulnerable Persons Registry
  • Getting a Brain Injury Identification Card
  • Provide VIRTUAL meeting support (note taking, advocacy etc.)

Please check out the ABI Justice website for more resources, both for legal professionals, as well as clients with brain injury:



Brain Injury Association of Toronto (BIST)
Email: info@bist.ca
Phone: 416-830-1485
Brain Injury Association of North Bay and Area (BIANBA)
Email: bianba.justice@gmail.com
Phone: 705-478-8664

Student Resources

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Student Training Documents:

Download our Student Volunteer Training Manual, HERE

Download our ABI Justice Student Services Outline, HERE

Project Funder

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Read the report from this project, HERE.