I am thrilled to write my first blog and I have been waiting for this moment for a while before finding the courage to do so. The idea of expressing myself publicly outside of my journal and the discussions I have with others comes from a longing in my soul. My desire to share my passion with you about wellness, nutrition, outdoor activities, travel, personal growth and humanity is ever-increasing.

So, I thought I would introduce myself with two of these powerful words: “I am.” (What you choose to add after them could change your destiny for the day, for the months to come and for the rest of your life). This blog was first written in June 2016 and I decided to revisit it. There’s nothing I wanted to add or subtract. I am still embracing all the parts of my “I AM.”

I am a daughter

I am sister

I am a mother

I am a student of life

I am creative

I am passionate

I am me and also a part of you

I am an explorer of the world

I am a teacher and also an avid and inquisitive learner

I am on a quest to discover myself and how I can be of service to others

I am a seeker of the soul

I am a lover of life

I am in awe of beauty and grace

I am on the verge of a miracle

I am an agent of change

I am connecting the dots of my destiny

I am a beam of life

I am kindness

I am a trailblazer

I am colourful and vibrant

I am authentic

I am blissful

I am opening my heart to love and more love

I am powerful beyond my wildest dreams

I am unique and so are you

I am a leader

I am a masterpiece of light and colours

I am soaking every moment as it could be the last one

I am standing tall with my truth

I am living purposely every day

I am a magnet for infinite possibilities

I am tip-toeing outside of my comfort zone

I am vulnerable

I am expanding & unfolding the layers of my being

I am trusting life and letting go of control

I am shooting on the other side of the stars

I am me

I am here to share my discoveries, my reflections and my journey.

I am here to be by your side learning to know you.

It took me many years to discover who I am. I did a lot of self-inquiry and still do. This quest is part of my life and I assure you that every day I move one step closer to accepting both my greatness and my imperfections. Do you know who you are? I hope you can be inspired to write your own “I AM” story. If you do, please post your comments to share and cheer for other people.

With love & sparkles of joy,

France Theriault

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