During the COVID-19 Outbreak, BIST has moved all our programs online using the ZOOM platform.

Security Concerns?

BIST uses the Healthcare Plan on Zoom, which is HIPAA compliant. In addition we are undertaking the following measures to increase security:

    1. BIST will use the Waiting Room option before the webinar or support group begins. Please note the meeting host will need to let you in prior to starting the meeting.
    2. The webinar or support group will be locked 10 minutes after each session begins.
    3. All Zoom sessions will be password protected. When you register for a group, a password will be sent to you in an email. You will need to use this password to access the session.
    4. As a reminder, although our webinars are recorded and uploaded to our website to share knowledge, support groups and other programs are not recorded. Please note during the webinars and on the recordings only the Presenters are visible and not the attendees.

Here is information how to use ZOOM. If you have any questions, please contact BIST at: 416-830-1485 or info@bist.ca

1) If it’s your first time using Zoom, you will need to download the App

Here’s how to download the App on a Smartphone or Tablet:

how to connect to zoom using a smart phone or a tablet

Here’s how to download the App on a Computer:

The link to download will pop up when you click on the registration links. You can also download Zoom, HERE.

How to use zoom on a pc

You can also watch this video, HERE

2) Register for Programs 

Tech Support Resources

Please feel free to call BIST: 416-830-1485 for assistance.

Cyber Seniors 

Telephone: 1-844-217-3057
Email: info@cyberseniors.org
Website: cyberseniors.org
Receive support on how to access technology such as Zoom, Skype and Social Media. FREE Membership.

Click on the registration link and fill out the required form.

You’ll receive a confirmation message and email that you have successfully registered.

Zoom Confirmation email

If you have any questions, please contact us at: 416-830-1485 or info@bist.ca.

Thank you to Rick Hadleycrane of Lawlor Therapy Support Services for creating this information!