Meditation is often thought of a silent experience, but our new columnist Krista Schilter shares how an active singing meditation can help boost your memory. Read the first post in Krista’s new column – Root to Rise: A Mindful Approach to Living After ABI.

Kirtan Kriya is an active meditation that has been practiced for thousands of years. It has been shown to reduce stress, improve cognition, and activate parts of the brain central to memory. It is a fun meditation that combines mant​​ra and sound (repetitive singing, whispering), mudra (energetic seals with the fingers), and visualization.

The Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Organization encourages the practice of Kirtan Kriya for 12 minutes a day. Please follow the link for a broader explanation of the meditation and its effects.

Find yourself a comfortable seat or anywhere where your spine can be long – laying on the floor or in bed, sitting in a chair, or sitting on a cushion. This meditation is for everyone, so grab your friends and family and have them join in.

May you meet yourself where you’re at and have fun with this exercise.

Stay lifted,


Krista is a dedicated yoga and meditation teacher that endeavors to connect people with self through the natural world. An ABI survivor, she is currently pursuing a designation in Horticultural Therapy and believes strongly that through our breath and our natural surroundings we can reset and reconnect with ourselves and one another. You can find out more about her at:

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