Welcome to our Picnic!


Our Summer Picnic is at Site #26 in High Park. This is about a 2 minute walk away from the Parkside Drive Entrance of High Park.


Please indicate you are going to High Park Picnic Site #26 at Parkside Drive and High Park Blvd.


80 Queensway – Parkside Drive at High Park Blvd

The closest TTC stop to the Parkside Drive Entrance is the ‘PARKSIDE DR AT HIGH PARK BLVD, TORONTO’. To get to this stop, take the 80 Queensway Bus from Keele Station. Get TTC directions how to get to this stop, HERE.

Depending on where you live, there are other TTC Stops you may want to consider. Please note these involve slightly more walking to our Picnic Site.

508 Lakeshore Streetcar – Parkside Stop:

Take the 508 Lakeshore streetcar and get off at the Parkside Stop. Walk South on Parkside Drive towards Entrance. Get TTC directions how to get to this stop, HERE.

506 Carlton Streetcar – High Park Loop:

Take the 506 Carlton streetcar to the High Park Loop by Parkside Drive. Walk South on Howard Park Ave towards High Park Blvd. The picnic site is near the public washrooms you’ll see on High Park Blvd. Get TTC directions how to get to this stop, HERE.


Get Driving Directions to Parkside Drive Entrance, HERE.


Limited parking is available about a 2 minute walk from the picnic site. After arriving to the park, keep to the left of the road and follow the signs for the High Park Zoo, this is just past Picnic Site #26.

Visual Story – Directions to Picnic Site #26

Download a PDF of the Visual Story, HERE

Enter High Park via Parkside Drive Entrance

entrance to High Park

Walk along sidewalk by the main road. Keep to the left.

Road in High Park

After about 1-2 minutes, you will pass public washrooms on your left.

public washrooms and picnic site

Our picnic site is just past the washrooms.  

Picnic Site #26

Picnic Site #26!

picnic site #26