The mindful journey in Yoga practice begins with accepting the everyday challenges as advantages accompanying growth.

On the evening of Monday, April 13, 2020, amid isolating and distancing, BIST members came together for an online Yoga Practice with Osteopath, Marinello Nesso.

Not only did we get a peak at her pup, but the evening was fulfilled with exercise and breath sustaining a calming balance. From situating ourselves on a sturdy chair, to feeling both feet entirely on the floor, it felt good to start off with being grounded. “Surrender” on the ground, in a feeling of guidance and safety.

That was just the beginning. Movement quickly progressed to stretching and balancing, to release tightened muscles and awkward restrictions. I had to mind my right arm which is still affected by my injury, but Yoga pays attention to the whole body in acceptance and you can try your own ways to make difficult poses work.

How time flies! Before I knew it, the exercise portion was over and Nesso opened herself up for questions.

In my own research, I have been intrigued by the different types of breath that are offered in Yoga training. Nesso ensured me that Ujjayi breath was for another level, with more intense Yogi practice. What I have to start with, is concentrating on the length of the exhale.

Good to know, that Nesso will be available for 3 more session on Monday evenings, which I hope to listen to people there. Even though Nesso is recorded, you cannot see the faces of the BIST members.

I have read online about the interconnectedness between the mind and breath, which was verified by Nesso’s encouraging class. I recommend this to every BIST member!

“Exhale” delight!

In case you missed it, or if you want to do it again, you can watch the video below:

Shannon Schilling lives in Oakville and has a beautiful girl named Annabelle Lorraine, who does not stop smiling! Shannon is a life-long learner, who will be attending UTM again, because that’s where she feels the most connected. #StaySafe