Artist Scott Soares says his art helps him with, “task focus, positive action, colour [and] hand-eye interaction.”

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Scott’s art is being shown at Neurocore: 9140 Leslie Street, Unit 107, Richmond Hill and at Pro Accessibility Ltd, 24 Steinway Drive, Unit 48.

Scott Soares Art

Orions Bow

Title: Orions Bow

Image Description: This work is rendered in tones of black and grey, with subtle lines of pink, green and blue outlining a central dark figure. There is a white wide chevron at the top of the work.


Title: Glaciers

Image Description: This  work depicts a white ice-covered mound at the left and a dark mound on the right as banks of a river which is rendered in a deep blue. The scene resembles a fjord.

Pyramid Lake

Title: Pyramid Lake

Image Description:  This abstract work has areas of blue, green and red as well as purple in a form that resembles a lake. There is a triangular figure in the background which resembles a snow covered mountain. The top half of the work, which resembles a sky is rendered in shades of mauve with a glow that brings to mind a son on the horizon.


Quiet Embrace

Title: Quiet Embrace

Image Description: This abstract work features bold blocks of colour with texture created by pigment that is applied with streaks and fine drip marks. Rectangular blocs of colour in pink, red, deep blue and yellow surround a prominent purple circular figure.



Winter of Confusion

Title: Winter of Confusion

Image Description: This abstract work has a grey background with areas of light pink and white that are punctuated by darker geometric figures. Highlights of orange, green and blue create texture and depth.

Porcelain Cloud

Title: Porcelain Cloud

Image Description: This abstract work has a very deep blue and textured background with areas of white  at the bottom that resemble mesa formations.  Two round areas of white and soft yellow appear in the dark-blue upper portion of the picture.

Oceans of Emotion

Title: Oceans of Emotion

Image Description:  This abstract work has texture created by prominent streaks that run from the left side of the picture to the right. There are areas of a peach color, white, black and green.  At the top of the picture there is an area of  dark pink and red streaks like liquid being blown across the surface of the work.

Art by Scott Soarer

Title: Golden Ticket

Image Description: This work is primarily pink, red and white with areas of black shading. The background is made up of two boards mounted one on top of the other. There is a hockey stick mounted with the shaft coming from the right, and below it the bottom portion of the shaft and the blade facing down coming from the left.

Through the Veil

Title: Through the Veil

Image Description: This is an abstract work with organic forms in peach, pink, blue and shades of green.  The work has blocks of color as well as highlights of black linear markings.