Business card for Adam Biondic

Art is for sale – via ‘heart contributions’ (meaning donations from the heart). Please contact BIST at OR 416-830-1485 to be connected to the artist.

Image Description: A business card for the artist Adam Bionic. Prince Pharaoh. Breath Worker. Energy Healer. Love & Light. Logo is an image of a an atom with a heart on fire. Yellow dots represent light.

Prince Pharaoh a.k.a Adam B Art

Prince Pharaoh Art

Title: Nuclear: Blinded By The Light

Artist Description: The light is about how you see things, which is why this image has many colours. It’s about the colour spectrum and atoms.

Image Description: The words “What People Can’t See” are written on four corners of the page, repeated three times on each corner, in letters that go from larger to smaller. In the centre of the image is a clip art image of an atom. Inside the centre of the symbol are some ovals which look like flower pedals, or perhaps are made to look like an eye. On both side of the symbol, the artist has written the words, “Injury, Emotions, Humour, Justification, Love, Light, Life.”


Prince Pharaoh Art

Title: Uphill: Earth Struggle

Image Description: The words “Mother Earth Our Struggle” are written on four corners of the page. In the centre of the image, surrounded by a thick, dark circle is a snow covered mountain (clip art, coloured by the artist) in front of a sunset of yellow, orange and red behind it. The side of the mountain facing the viewer is covered in snow. A person with a walker is trying to climb the mountain. On the left side is someone with a wheelchair at the base of the mountain. A person with a cane is climbing to the top of the mountain.

Prince Pharaoh Art

Title: Invisible: Like the wind my love

Image Description: The words “Mind Open Free Heart” are written on four corners of the page. In the centre of the image, there’s a printed clip art of the element of wind. The mix of wind and colours represents sunrise and sunset.

Prince Pharaoh Art

Title: The Cat Came Back

Artist Description: The tiger is the artist’s spirit animal, and and the colour he identifies with is blue. The head is yellow which is about light. The marijuana is about medicating due to chronic pain.

Image Description: An image of a tiger, smoking a marijuana joint. The tiger’s back is to the viewer, and its head is turned sideways. The tiger is coloured different shades of blue except for its face which is yellow. Floating to the side of the tiger is blue yin yang sign.

Artist Statement

The artist uses clip art in these images because of the barriers he experiences drawing with his hands, and due to his visual impairment.