Artist A. Sonam Wangmo

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Image Description: A. Sonam Wangmo, a woman wearing large sunglasses looks at the camera. Her long grey hair is pulled back and she is wearing earrings with a red flower on top and a silver hoop below. She has on a grey top and coat.

A. Sonam Wangmo Poetry

Mighty Injury
by. A. Sonam Wangmo
A shattered world, an unexpected new emergence;
Scared and frightened brain with old important memories;
Actions aligned according to karmic principles;
These actions we take, bear fruit and perhaps innocent;
We are front reeling a mind that is useful and new.
A mind that is open, able to feel more deeply;
Experience the environment sensitively;
The shadows move outside and inside and within us;
As the light is our guide, a still source, a gleam, a lamp;
The brain injury can become an awakening;
Creation and amending between the old and new;
Perhaps slower, either way, solace by good people;
Mind working, generating thoughts, ideas, and words;
Views carry and change with the winds of cosmic wisdom;
Openness, love and grace have more room to flow into;
An invisible injury sensed internally ;
An invisible injury sensed externally;
Something mighty to hide and to share vigilantly;
I grab the hand of my man, my sister and I smile;
It’s going to be really well for those who love.