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Making of a Confabulator; Digital Photo on Canvas;  16 x 12″

Reflections of Don Valley

Artist Statement:

Making of a Confabulator
(My CT Scan) – there’s something amazing about symmetry. I am almost sheepishly proud that a part of my brain looks/looked like this 🙂 from some angle. The heart ❤️ OR 🍓.

Reflections of Don Valley

I find the colours in nature strikingly beautiful and captivating. Actually, even before I contemplated taking this picture, I just happened to come across this amazing nature painting by pure coincidence around my neighbourhood. Because of my memory problems, I couldn’t find this picture / setting ever again – no matter how many times I walked along the same path. Thank God for technology!

Artist Biography
I am a TBI survivor from last six years. Got no memory of the past, and a terrible short term memory retention ability. Part blind, part deaf, and a long list of other shortcomings. But I love my family, my friends, this country and all the support provided by the community to help me live here (with dignity) for as long as I can!

Image Descriptions:

The Making of a Confabulator

An MRI scan. A symmetrical, white jellyfish-like mass can be seen just off the center of the scan.

Reflections of the Don Valley

Digital Photography. A bright scene of the Don river, the reflections of trees, rocks and other plants can be seen on the water. Light rays shine through the leaves, creating bright speckles across the river. In the background, part of a bridge can be seen peering through the vegetation.