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Aurora Magnolia  

Image Description:

A painting of bright fuchsia-coloured flowers.

Artist Description:

An acrylic on canvas piece painted using the colours I see when I’m struck with an aural migraine.  It was painted throughout Ontario Brain Injury Awareness Month in 2023 after a long 8 week flare.

Aurora the Snowy White 

$175 – contact the artist via Instagram @hereshecreates

Image Description:

A painting of a fuchsia coloured owl in flight, with blue, pick and purple feathers on its wings in a blue sky.

Artist Description:

A watercolor on paper, framed.  This piece was created in 2019 when I first started getting out of the house.  I owe this piece to the people of Assembly Hall and the Friends of Sam Smith Park.  This owl is a resident just down the path from Assembly Hall and gave me a reason to start walking.

Artist Statement

I consider myself a mixed media artist. I started with watercolour, fell in love with pastels, gravitated to oils, and now I used fluid acrylics. I’m an artist that prefers not to limit myself to a medium – I use what works best for any project I’m working on.