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Joseph’s butterfly heart glimmers – in the land of the smoke and mirrors 

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Image Description:

Images drawn on different sides of a being lampshade: mountain peaks with the sun setting behind them, with birds flying, a butterfly and green diamond shapes on the edges. Words on the bottom of the shade say: bravery with integrity with with kindness with grace with patience with empathy with honour and with honesty and love.

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Artist Description:

Joseph was somebody I met at a Mental Health Crisis Centre. He is a small, Black man who, when he observed me being poorly treated by one of the crisis counsellors, saw me crying and understood all too well the pain of being treated dismissively.

Observing what he saw as wrong caused him great frustration and anger. He was very clear about his expectations of the employee returning and righting the wrong.

They refused and his anger escalated. I was concerned that his care over my situation would have him ejected. I invited him to talk with me in the beautiful sitting room as I worked on a piece of art.

I talked with Joseph for a long time. I learned his story of poverty and difficulty. I learned that he lived alone, with a bipolar diagnosis.

He self isolated, and lived on the streets for a number of years. In our talk he called himself a kind of monster and was apologetic.

My heart broke.

I told him what I saw him as a butterfly. One that had just come out of the Chrysalis, still drying out its wings. Without the right conditions, a butterfly wings cannot dry and it can never fly fully.

The lampshade is the beacon I wish social services to be. Drawn to the light as we are. The butterfly is the beautiful, hurt heart of Joseph.

The idealistic words what I wish the serving /caring community would live by and engender.